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Dan Beyel, the original Beyel in Beyel Brothers Inc., started his hauling and rigging business in the early 1900s. Hard work, perseverance and attention to detail paid off as his business grew and he moved from using a horse-drawn carriage to one of the first four-cylinder automobiles ever built.


Beyel Brothers Inc. was formed on Feb. 3, 1989, by Joseph, Philip, Steve, Danny and Mark Beyel, who are co-owners of the company. When their father became ill, the five brothers decided to combine their assets and buy out his organization. Since the existence of Beyel Brothers Inc., the company has become one of the largest crane and rigging companies in the state of Florida. The company has advanced to where it is today largely because of the sacrifices made by the entire family. Members of the Beyel family believe in and help one another, and they readily go out of their way to address customer concerns personally.


Our purpose at Beyel Brothers Crane and Rigging is to be the most respected crane and rigging company in the United States. We treat each customer with integrity, dignity and honesty. Additionally, we uphold the belief that it is always the right time to do what is right. Beyel Brothers Crane and Rigging is here to serve our customers 24/7. The employees of Beyel Brothers Crane and Rigging provide every customer with confident service based on knowledge and experience.


Each and every client of Beyel Brothers Crane and Rigging can depend on us to keep up with their demands. We offer operated and maintained cranes with hourly, weekly and monthly rates. We also provide bare rentals, long-term leases and lease purchases. Beyel Brothers is honored to carry out any and all of your construction needs, such as lifting or moving concrete, steel trusses or air conditioners. We own every piece of equipment we possess, so we can deliver it to you promptly, at the best price. With safety and efficiency in mind, we solve your problems as a turnkey industrial contractor, managing projects from concept to fruition. Whether we’re working on power plants, construction, ships, launch pads or theme parks, we offer civil engineering, logistics and project management, along with the heavy-duty tools to make your vision a reality. Our headquarters is located in Cocoa Florida, and we have branches across the state. Each year, we anticipate taking on new and challenging projects while showcasing our equipment and expertise. While Beyel Brothers continues to grow, so does the trust and loyalty of our customers in the services we provide. Our desire is to earn the privilege to do business with your firm, and we look forward to hearing from you. Your business is in good hands when you deal with Beyel Brothers Crane and Rigging.

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