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We are seeking a highly motivated and experienced Project Manager to join our team in the crane and rigging industry. The Project Manager will play a pivotal role in overseeing and executing complex lifting and rigging projects, ensuring they are completed safely, on time, and within budget. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in project management, crane and rigging operations, and a commitment to maintaining the highest safety standards.

1. Project Planning: Develop comprehensive project plans, defining objectives, scope, timelines, and resource requirements. Collaborate with clients and stakeholders to gather project requirements and ensure clear communication throughout the project lifecycle.
2. Resource Management: Coordinate the allocation of equipment, personnel, and materials required for each project. Monitor resource utilization to optimize efficiency and minimize downtime.
3. Safety Compliance: Uphold strict safety standards and procedures to ensure the well-being of all team members and compliance with regulatory requirements. Conduct safety meetings and audits regularly.
4. Budget Control: Manage project budgets, monitor expenses, and implement cost-saving measures to ensure projects are completed within budget constraints.
5. Quality Assurance: Oversee project execution, ensuring work is performed to high-quality standards. Conduct inspections and quality checks to guarantee compliance with project specifications.
6. Risk Management: Identify potential risks and develop risk mitigation strategies. Be prepared to address unexpected issues that may arise during project execution.
7. Client Relations: Foster strong client relationships by providing excellent customer service, addressing client concerns, and keeping clients informed about project progress.
8. Reporting: Maintain accurate project documentation, including progress reports, change orders, and project status updates. Provide regular project updates to senior management and clients.
9. Team Leadership: Lead and motivate project teams, providing guidance and support to team members. Foster a collaborative and productive work environment.

– Bachelor’s degree in engineering, construction management, or a related field is preferred.
– A minimum of 5 years of experience in project management within the crane and rigging industry.
– In-depth knowledge of crane and rigging equipment, techniques, and safety standards.
– Strong leadership and team management skills.
– Excellent communication and negotiation skills.
– Proficient in project management software and tools.
– Ability to work well under pressure and meet deadlines.
– Flexibility to work evenings, weekends, and overtime as required by project demands.
– Must be willing to travel out of state for extended periods as required by project demands.
– Must pass fit for duty assessment, drug test, and background check.

– Certification in crane and rigging operations and safety (e.g., CCO or NCCCO) is highly desirable.

– Competitive pay commensurate with experience.
– Comprehensive benefits package, including medical, dental, and vision coverage.
– 401(k) retirement savings plan with employer match.
– Opportunities for professional development and future advancement within the company.

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