A Day at the Beach in Panama City, FL

Beyel Brothers – “A Day at the Beach” in Panama City, FL Florida’s picturesque coastlines and beaches have faced the brunt of recent hurricane seasons. To combat the damage, the Army Corps of Engineers has collaborated with specialized contractors. This collaboration introduced an extraordinary machine, known as an extractor, which sifts through rock and debris, extracting usable sand. Thousands of gallons of water and sand flow through this machine per minute, creating a separation. Just like a crawler crane, this unit usually self-propels across the beach to reach its final destination and work zone. But when the terrain doesn’t allow for that, you have to find another way. Beyel Brothers was entrusted with the monumental task of hoisting this engineering marvel over the Panama City Beach Pier so that it could be reassembled on the other side. The assembled weight of this marvel exceeded the capacity of any beach-side crane, but our 150-ton Linkbelt Rough Terrain Crane effortlessly handled the superstructure, adhering to the strict safety standards of the Army Corps. From Florida and beyond, we bring the tools and talent to tackle any challenge. #CraneSafety #CraneSpotting #CraneLife #BeachLife #MarineConstruction #BeyelStrong #ArmyStrong